Borrow Differently

Kashat is the first Nano lending mobile application in Egypt, offering short term loans that start from 100 EGP up to 1500 EGP with a repayment plan up to 61 days

Get Started Now Requires Android version 5 or Above
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Kashat – Borrow Differently

Kashat helps you with instant credit, by offering short term loans that start from 100 EGP up to 1500 EGP with a repayment plan up to 61 days. Once approved, you can withdraw your loan through any AMAN store.

What do you need to create an account on Kashat?
– You must be above 18 years old.
– You must Egyptian.
– Your national ID must be valid.

Kashat is Regulated by FRA


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    Instant and Fast Loans

    Create an account, answers few questions get approved instantly and withdraw within minutes.

    Different payment plans and offers

    Enjoy different offers & payment plans with less admin fees when you pay back after 2 or 4 weeks.

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    Flexible without complications

    Without documentations or a guarantor, all you need is your valid national ID and you are good to go.

    Safe and Secure

    Because we care about you, all your transactions and information are kept safe and secured.

    How to get a Nano Loan from Kashat

    Borrow from your phone instantly. All you need is your phone and ID

    Watch the video to know more about Kashat

    Questions & Answers

    If you have a question about Kashat app, check these popular questions and answers

    What is Kashat?

    Kashat is a digital financial service geared to serve the unbanked and underserved population of Egypt. Download the app and get an advance of 100EGP to 1500EGP.

    What are the requirements to use Kashat Service?

    You must be Egyptian
    Your age above 18
    You have a valid National ID.

    What devices do you support?

    Kashat is supported on any Android Smartphone, you can download the app from Google Playstore.

    How can I withdraw money from Kashat?

    Once you are granted the loan, you will receive a voucher number where you can use it in any Aman store for disbursement.

    How can I pay the money back to Kashat?

    Payment is made in two equal installments on a monthly basis and is payable at any Aman branch using your voucher number and pin. You can also benefit from discount offers on fees and charges if you pay the full amount within the first two weeks or the first month.

    What are the fees?

    We do not charge any interest. We only charge some administrative fees and it gets calculated depending on the loan amount and its tenure.

    What happends if I missed the due date?

    If you missed the due date, we will charge a penalty fee of EGP 3 every week for a total of 8 weeks, if you didn't settle the amount by then we will block the account.

    How can I increase my limit?

    Our technology guarantees securing a higher loan amount every time you use Kashat and repay on time. This is subject to your performance on our app (ex. Paying on time).

    Can I have more than one advance?

    You have to repay your outstanding advance first in order to request another loan.

    What can I do if I forgot my pin or lost my phone?

    Click on forget pin and you will start the process to create a new one, or contact us on 15022 For assistance.

    Can I use my existing Kashat account with a new phone number?

    Yes, you can use your existing Kashat account with a new phone number. Login into your account and link your new phone number in order to continue using the app.

    Can I use my existing Kashat account with a new phone Device ?

    Yes, you can use your existing Kashat account with a new phone. Just login on your Kashat account on your new phone and it will be automatically updated.

    What information does Kashat store about me in its database?

    When you use Kashat, we store the following information about you in our database: - Information collected directly from you, such as your name, contact information (Address, email address, telephone number, profession, age and gender etc.) - Information collected automatically while you use Kashat such as App usage, credit history, number of transactions etc.

    What happens if I don’t accept the permission requests that Kashat requires?

    Denying Kashat from the permissions requested will not allow you to apply for a loan. Granting Kashat the necessary requested permissions is obligatory for applying for a loan.