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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the below answers to common questions that you may have.

What is Kashat?
What are the requirements to use the Kashat service?
How can I create an account on the Kashat app?
How can I borrow from Kashat?
What are the fees?
How can I pay the money back to Kashat?
What happens if I missed the due date?
How can I withdraw the loan from Fawry?
How can I repay the loan through Fawry?
How can I transfer my loan to my Vodafone Cash wallet?
How can I repay the loan through Vodafone Cash?
What is a premium customer for Kashat?
What are the premium levels?
How can someone qualify for the Premium status?
What are the benefits of being a premium customer?
How do you lose the Premium status?
What devices do you support?
In which governorates and cities is Kashat available?
Why is the loan amount very low? How can I increase it ?
Can I apply for more than one loan at the same time?
How soon can I apply for another loan?
Why is my loan rejected?
What should I do if I need a settlement letter?
What can I do if I forgot my pin or lost my phone?
Can I use my existing Kashat account with a new phone device?
Why is the app unable to verify my phone number?
What information does Kashat store about me in its database?
Why do you need all these permissions?
What happens if I don’t accept the permission requests that Kashat requires?
What should I do if I changed my phone number?
What is the time interval accepted between each number change?

EGYPT's First Nano Financial Service Provider

Powering Access to Digital Financial Possibilities

Kashat serves as the entry point to financial inclusion for the un- and underbanked population in Egypt by offering instant, small, short-term, productive loans.